Sunday, September 2, 2018

Completely Open Honesty

It feels so much better when I find the words and let them out.
It relieves all the pressure Of confusion and fear or doubt.
I don’t have to wonder why or what’s going on.
I can understand what is here and what is gone.

I know it’s my choice to be so alone.
I won’t compromise my love or ideals.
I am better off and do well on my own.
And I can come to except how the loneliness feels.

It’s better than pretending that pretending is OK.
It’s better than the hypocrisy that is the norm today.
It’s better than pretending that life of fear is here to stay.
Until someone loves honestly I will go on my own way.
Completely open honest love is the only game I’ll play.

It’s not that I’m any better than anyone else
It’s just that I won’t hide in some book on the shelf
I will accept that It’s OK to hurt somebody else
I won’t pretend that responsibility for my life
belongs to anyone but myself

So you can fight your battles and glorify your war
If you ask me why I don’t that’s not what I’m here for
I live my life to love and care and share all that I can
And if that leaves me with nothing then that was my plan

For what you may see as nothing means everything to me
It’s living a life made of love and being all that I can be
I hope someday you’ll understand... I hope someday you’ll see
completely open honesty is my security
survival of our species is the reality
that I live for and will get there When we set ourselves free
from the fear that clouds the mind and forms insanity
that justifies anything less than completely open honesty

It’s not that I’m any different than anybody else
I just will not seek my answers and books up on the shelf
I will not except that it’s OK to hurt somebody
I take responsibility for me upon myself