Friday, March 2, 2018

So Lonely

Will I die this alone
will I never find the friend
who stays on her own
someone on whom I can really depend
who do you depend on
who can you call in the middle of the night
who helps you carry on
who will always read every word you write
what is this life about
a long and lonely run
a quest for success
a lot of empty fun
we all are born alone
wide open hearts and minds
some go out in the world
some close their doors and blinds
some like to be alone
at leas that's what they say
but all I know is what I want most
is for this loneliness to go away

so lonely
so lonely I can't sleep at night
so lonely
so lonely this can't be right
so lonely
so lonely it makes me blind
so lonely
so lonely I'm losing my mind
losing my mind
losing my mind
losing my mind

Will I die this alone?
will I slip into madness alone
will I lay in some nursing home
wasting away alone

so lonely